Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tactics, Strategy, Grunt and ROMAD Wisdom!

I figured I'd start a blog just for fun, and this time its just about gaming and some kernels of military science that will help with gaming. I've been hooked on war gaming since I was a child. My Dad has an original release of Afrika Korps by Avalon Hill from the 1960's and pulled it out for my older brother and I to play. That was the small bite that got me hooked. Later, my Mom's cousins gave us some games and model vehicles when we visited New Hampshire; one of the games was an edition of Tactics II, another Avalon Hill classic where you use a grid square map and control division size units. Many war gamers started board gaming with this one! I was hooked on board games at that point. The more complex the better it seemed! Maybe I just knew the rules better...

Then when I was twelve, a friend of ours Kevin Anderson introduced me to table top war gaming. He invited me over to play a Napoleonic game. We played the French against the Russians (played by two of his other friends). The figures were 25mm pewter and our surface was a ping-pong table with US GI green blanket for surface. Since then, I got hooked on the idea of playing on table tops. Not only was the game more fun and hands on, but the model building aspect was incredible as well. I grew up building scale model planes, and the two hobbies rolled into one were just fantastic!

So, here I'll post pictures of my games, reviews of a few. I won't just limit it to one genre either. I like everything from ancient historical to the far fetched future of Warhammer 40,000. I like board games, table top, and even a lot of computer games (human players can be hard to find when you have time to play, at the same time...).

I intend to separate the games though! There are gaming junkfood, mid-grade thinking, and high level games. I'll come up with a way of organizing them better soon enough. Idea being, games like Munckin (Card), Mag Blast (Card), Dawn of War (PC) have only so much strategy, while games like Steel Panthers (PC), Rome: Total War (PC), Tactics II, will have more in depth game play. Then you have the uber-realistic, games that real-life tactics actually work, and if you don't use them, you will fail, games like Tac-Ops that are based off of programs used by the US Army to train with during TOC EX training...

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