Sunday, September 28, 2008

A free resource for anyone needing those hex grid squares on Letter size paper. Try it, if it doesn't work right, send me a comment and I'll email you a copy in either .jpg or .png format. If you have Inkscape or GIMP, I'll send you the .svg or .xcf file.

If you have the GIMP, take the .jpg file, and add another layer beneath the background layer it loads up as. Take the background layer with the hexagon grid on it, go to the Layer menu, Transparency, Color to Alpha, and click okay. That will turn the layer with the grid transparent. Then you color the layer below it with your basic background color, and add another layer above that and start decorating your terrain! I might even have to do a tutorial for that. However, if you are familiar with the layer management techniques, its a piece of cake!

Let me know if there are any other resources you'd like to see to be able to make your own desktop published board games!

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