Tuesday, September 30, 2008

David Drake

While not purely a board gaming subject, David Drake's military SF has had an incredible influence on the world of Science Fiction and Gaming in general. Once can look at the Ground Effects Vehicles in the Ogre/GEV universes and Grav Armor and see the influence of his work. Another way to gauge his influence on the world of gaming can be seen in the Ground Zero Games classics of Dirtside II and Stargrunt II! Both of which are miniature table top games that can be downloaded for free from Here. You can't argue with that price for a miniatures game... After all, you want some money left for the miniatures...

...which if you are like me and a big "Hammers Slammers" fan, here are some pictures of the Hammers Slammers miniatures!

As posted on my other blog:

One of my favorite Military Science Fiction authors interviewed by one of my favorite blogs! Yippie!

Part I.

Part II.

Part III. (edit: added 07OCT08)

Part IV. (edit: added 07OCT08)

Part V. (edit: added 08OCT08)

Part VI. (edit: added 09OCT08)

There is more to follow! Check it out at Black Five! David Drakes Website

Some of my fan art:
A Combat Car used by the "Hammers Slammers" Regiment in his ground breaking Military SF series

The daddy of all his creations, the Hover Tanks from "Hammers Slammers" Regiment!

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