Tuesday, December 29, 2015

29DEC15 Stryker Dismounts in the Works

As you can tell by the photo, I'm really taking some time to match my old ACU cover as I paint these guys.  Getting it just right for 15mm is interesting to say the least.  There will be no pixelated effect on these guys.  They are just too darn small (15mm foot to eye height, tall for 15mm but still tiny none the less).   Hopefully you can read the labels on the Delta Ceramacoat bottles.  Those colors are mixing beautifully and matching.  Ivory in particular provides a great base coat to add the greens to and get the desaturated colors I'm looking for. 

I will follow up with more details later as time allows.  Right now I'm blogging on my tablet and not liking the Blogger app and my lack of ability to create my content with pictures as easily as I can on the desktop/laptop.

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