Saturday, December 26, 2015

26DEC2015 First 15mm Miniature Conversion

So, I've just converted my very 15mm figure.  I have taken one of Khurasan's US Navy SEAL DEVGRU ( figures and turned it into a JTAC/ETAC/SOTAC.  Whatever they call them these days.  While Khurasan markets the figures as SEALs they can be used as any American Special Operations group carrying out a raid.  Having worked with these people in the past (yes, I have met and to some limited extent worked with all of the SOCOM guys at some point in time in the course of my duties), the gear doesn't distinguish who it is at all.  All our enemies know, until our Public Affairs and Media open up, is that they got hit by American Operators.  If they are lucky enough to survive the encounter or not be there when it goes down...

Clearly, this conversion is very easy to do.  Just grab some 1/32" brass rod, 1/32" drill bit, pin vice, some gel based CA glue, and a good magnifier.

All that antenna is made out of is a bent piece of 1/32" brass rod bent 90 degrees.  I cut a portion of the rod off below the 90 degree elbow and left most of the length above it.  I drilled a small hole into one of the ruck sacks, glued the antenna in place, and then cut it off about the size of the figures head up from the elbow (to represent the 13" length of the antenna).

This is not an overly 'to scale' or accuracy obsessed conversion.  However, it is functional and tough to allow for handling of the miniature on the table.  For me, it shows that the unit, and this figure in particular, is the JTAC.  For "Force on Force" games this means that unit has TAC aligned with it (don't get me started on how poor the term 'attached' is for USAF TACP assigned to a particular unit).  
 photo 20151226_150406_zpsbej7zia3.jpg

 photo 20151226_150420_zpsqvjouure.jpg

More photos on the way soon!

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