Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stars Without Number!

I cannot speak highly enough about the FREE version of Sine Nomine Publishing "Stars Without Number" available on DriveThru RPG

Why?  Well, you take the very best aspects of a gold classic like Marc Miller's Traveller, and then mix in some D20 3.5 OGL rules into it, finally add some VERY SOLID Game Master materials, you get a game capable of being an instant classic.  However, Kevin Crawford and company went FURTHER and made a FREE version to get you hooked and playing hip deep from the get go.  You potentially NEVER need a supplement with a creative GM.  That is a feature that attracted me to Mongoose Traveller until I was reading through the Starship creation section and found the tonnage rather limited... Not the case with SWN, no limits there.  Starships are still a bit more abstract than in Mongoose Traveller...  While the Starship Combat is indeed a bit more abstract, its much stronger than some brand name games set in highly copyrighted and heavily licensed science fiction franchises by the very company that created the OGL and is trying to get fans to forget it existed (WOTC D20 Star Wars if you didn't catch my meaning there).

That, and having just moved into a new neighborhood without any of my normal stuff at my fingertips, having a .pdf with a great game to build a little corner of some galaxy for players to explore is really nice.  I recommend this rule set to any gamer who has to travel somewhere light and only can carry a device to read and a set of dice.  

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