Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24OCT12 Winged Horror drawing for BFRPG....

Is the background alright?

Or do you think it goes better without a background?

So, again slipping into my fun and games with the OGL Old School Renaissance that has been going on, and only growing incredibly, since 2008 I figured I'd offer my services as an artist to the Basic Fantasy and Microlite D20 crowd.  In this instance, its the Winged Horror from page 49 of the BFRPG "Sword and Board" rules supplement (which itself is a beautiful work from the BFRPG community).  My question here is which is better?  A background or none?  Would an inked background take away from the horror of this creature or add to it?

I'll give it some time before I ink the background and refine the drawing!  Hopefully some folks out there on Deviant Art, or the forums for the various OSR project, and finally here on Blogger give me some input...

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