Saturday, August 28, 2010

28AUG10 My Tabletop Wargaming Surface!

My standard surface is set by this construction. I now plan to construct my surfaces using 1/4” plywood, and 2”x2” lumber. Currently, the sheets I used were 2' x 4' project sheets. I cut my 2”x2”s to provide a nice frame with two supports in the middle. Currently, my entire surface can be 4'x4'. Very soon however, I intend to build two more with the same terrain and have a 4'x8' surface.

Pictured here is the completed surfaces prior to any paint application. I've used an 'orange peel' texture spray available at my local hardware store (in my area its a Sentry Hardware, the Fairbanks location is where I work upstairs in Frontier Outfitters at the gun counter part time... So, I get a good deal!).

My intention is to turn the surface into a winter landscape, perhaps a nice tundra! Why not! I live in Alaska, and am surrounded by inspiration for such terrain nine months out of the year! Winter warfare is definitely more modern (with a few notable exceptions, however those exceptions exemplify the concept of Winter Camp when you look at the climate casualties... Why do you think George Washington got such a drop on the Hessian camp!).

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