Saturday, August 28, 2010

28AUG10 Appendectomy, good for my quieter indoor habits, like gaming!

Koldfoot from &Games can attest the fact that summers up here are busy. So busy in fact that we all feel compelled to keep moving and not sit down for long. Well, with only about three, maybe four months tops, of good weather can you blame us? We've got to get the entire outdoors in beautiful weather knocked out! Which leads to my biggest gaming downtime of all... It all culminates in the Moose season (opens next month!) and then slows down a bit as we are forced inside by the elements more and more (even the trappers spend more time inside cabins along the trap lines!). Winter comes, and the board game, table top, and computer games (due to lack of opponents during the exact hours of my toddlers nap times...) come to the forefront more.

However, this summer, I got hit hard and have to stay inside more. At the moment, I'm recovering from an appendectomy. Last Sunday I started with a sore stomach that led into going to the Emergency Room and then under the knife to have it removed. BAM! There goes a week of high intensity outdoor time! Not to worry, it game me some endless hours of reading contemplation (when I wasn't acting as conflict management for toddlers...) for several game related activities!

First, I'll publish the game table pictures. BEFORE I got sick, I was actually actively working on a game table for my miniatures. Then I'll publish some miniature stuff for 10mm/N-Scale vehicles from some kits my wife and I found in Omaha NE at a model train store. Finally, I'll get some pictures of some nice print and play free sample modules from Amarillo Design Bureau who took over the license for Star Fleet Battles after Task Force Games went under!

I'll get this blog updated! Hopefully I'll get some games action in this fall and winter!

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