Wednesday, August 24, 2016

24AUG16 Still kicking...

It has been way too long since my last update about those miniature bases I 3d printed out of black ABS plastic.  Since then, I got to priming and painting them!  Just some ultra-flat Krylon camo tan as my primer, and then the usual Delta Ceramacoat (i.e. cheap craft store paint) mixed with a secret ingredient I found over at Tiny Solitary Soldiers 15mm blog, dry used coffee grounds.  Yup, take your coffee grinds from the filter (or in my case French press) and let them dry out, mix them into your base coat paint (burnt umber in this case) and then you have a nice large aggregate for your miniature bases instead of compost!  I liked the effect.

Got some of my Khurasan Miniatures Soviets, GOTA Clan, BMP-1, and Super Heavy tank along with some Battlefront Team Yankee Soviets on the bases in this picture just to give you a sample.  My Khurasan Soviets have the usual Woodland Scenic's model railroad ballast glued to a black primed base.  I'm not liking how that falls off.  When they shed, I'll go ahead and repaint them with the mix of coffee grounds and acrylic!  I might still use a bit of the ballast for variety, they are ground walnut shell after all (perhaps another use for my walnut shell brass tumbler media in the future).

At any rate, here are the rest of the ABS printed plastic bases for penny mounted figures.  In the background you might catch the Battlefront miniatures bases I used to size mine to.  This will help me use my mix of penny based Soviets (and other miniatures) for games requiring multi-figure bases, while not requiring me to re-base all my miniatures.  Want some of your own bases to print?  Well here is my Father's Day post where you can find the Thingiverse link to my page and download them!

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