Friday, April 10, 2009

10APR09 Guns and Gaming

Yesterday I ran into Brian who runs the great gamer blog &games and had a good change of pace at work over at Frontier Outfitters. It was a good day for guns and gaming. Just a couple days ago I sold some .44 Mag dies (I own no .44 Mag revolvers... Long story, but I thought I might get one and so I bought reloading supplies for it, but then wound up getting a .45LC instead... For my wife... Years ago...) and used the cash to buy the board game Munchkin Quest to play with a buddy of mine who was getting ready to head back to Iraq. Not more than an hour after I get back to work from my lunch time shopping trip at Comic Shop, Brian walks up to the gun counter wearing a Boardgame Geek T-Shirt.

So, it was a good gun and gaming day yesterday. That its always great to meet the face behind a good blog!

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